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Columbia Handyman - Services

There are different types of services that we can also handle that are not going to appear a lot on the site because they are not part of our list of main services that we offer. By the way, you are going to be able to see that list at the bottom of the page. That being said, we want to take the time to mention that we can handle services as complex as foundation repair and as simple as interior painting. In short, there fewer things that we can’t do so maybe we should have listed those. Anyways, we want to make sure that you can understand a little bit more about the way that we work! You can give us a call without fully committing to a specific service or anything like that.

What a lot of our recurring clients do is give us a call and when we arrive you can give us a rundown of the different things that you would like to have done and we will go through each situation in detail while providing great deals on all of the different services. We want to reiterate the fact that there are more things that we can do like fence installations which are not going to be on the list! Still, we want to provide you with a list so you can have a better idea of where we can help you out! Our main services though include:


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