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Property Management


There are many benefits that we could point to as to why you would want our property management services if you were to have a property that you are renting out. This is a service that we can handle in many different ways. There is what we call full management, where we would be the ones in charge of everything from collecting the rent from your tenant and obviously, handling any type of issue that they could come across. In other instances, people will want to be in charge of collecting the money and other needs that could arise, but do need us to fix any minor situation that tenants could face!

It’s A Great Deal

We manage different properties around here. So, we know a thing or two about how the market works and also some of the needs that people could have. If you have a property out here, but you are not necessarily living here locally, it is one of the deals that you could make. We charge less than real estate companies that also offer this particular service. Plus, you won’t have to worry about having to bring someone in every time that your tenants say that there is something wrong with the property!

Airbnb Properties

Usually, when you are going to be renting out a property to multiple different people within a short period of time you are going to need more help from your property manager. That does not necessarily mean that we are going to raise our rates or anything like that. All that we are saying is that we will be able to provide a better host service to those multiple tenants since we are locals and we already have different properties that we manage. That way we will be able to divert a lot of the issues that may come to pass away from you so you don’t have to get calls in the middle of the night!

Does The Fee Include Maintenance

The beauty of having us as property managers is that we can help keep your house looking its very best all year around providing minor repairs and different types of maintenance to it constantly. There is no pre-set guideline that we have to follow. We can negotiate the rate and have that rate include different maintenance benefits. Again, so that you can be certain that your home is always going to be in top shape.

No Sketchy Contracts

One of the major problems with property managers is that they sometimes ask you to sign a long term deal with them. That means that you as an owner could potentially have obligations to your tenants and to your property manager. This can make it difficult to try and sell the property if you are in need of cash or anything like that. As we have constantly mentioned our goal is to take most of the burden off of you so that having more properties does not take over your time. Our contracts are always owner friendly. Our handyman expert also providing bathroom remodeling service.


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