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Kitchen Remodeling

Columbia Handyman - KITCHEN REMODELING

Whether you like it or not most of us are going to be spending quite some time in the kitchen during the day. So, why would you want to have to adapt that what was placed in your kitchen originally? Let us elaborate on this idea! Most people that bought homes that were already in use so to speak did not have a say in what their kitchen was going to include. We actually believe that a kitchen should be fit to handle the different habits that you have. If you need more room to store different things you are going to need a larger cabinet, if you want to prepare your food on the counter, having small countertops can be counterproductive, no pun intended!

Total Freedom Design & Decide

The most important thing that we can offer to our clients is that they will be able to decide what they want to put into their kitchens. We can literally start out with a blank sheet of paper and draw out the different areas, assets, and fixtures that you would like your kitchen to include. From there we can make certain adjustments on the fly if you decide to add or remove certain aspects. At the end of the day, you have full control!

Custom Cabinets

A big component in most kitchens is the cabinet set. In our point of view, the cabinets are not only going to be a practical element of the kitchen. They are also going to be one of the features that stands out the most. That means that we are going to essentially have to jobs. We are going to need to make sure that we make them large enough for you to be able to store all of the things you would be looking to store in them. Plus, we need to add some style points to make sure that they can make a fashion statement!

Kitchen Flooring

Another one of the things that we tend to point out a lot, to our potential clients is the fact that the floors in your home are not going to go through the same type of wear and tear. The floors that you have in living areas do not need to meet some of the same type of standard than the ones that you have in your bathroom or your kitchen. Kitchen floors are going to suffer some oil spills, and other types of setbacks on a daily basis almost. We can make sure that they don’t wear down so easily, while still giving you a touch of that style!

Kitchen Islands Or Other Types of Bars

Adding kitchen island seems to be one of the more popular ways to build a kitchen these days. There are different types of kitchen islands though, as well as kitchen bars and countertops in general! As with all of the different fixtures in a kitchen, islands can be made to fit exactly what you happen to be looking for in terms of functionality and design. We also have experienced electrician to perform all types of electronic work.


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