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Columbia Handyman - HOME REPAIRS

It is not our intention to try and bring down our competitors by talking bad about them so that we may, in turn, rise above them. It is just a fact though that most companies that provide specific home repairs are going to be very limited in terms of what they can or cannot do. For example, if you want to remodel your bathroom you may need to bring a plumber a designer and maybe even a flooring company to work on a single project. This is going to rise to the overall cost of the entire project. For a lot of people, this can mean going off budget. We handle all sorts of home repairs and you end up paying only one bill!

You Chose The Products, Therefore Quality Is Assured   

At times people will be reluctant to hire an overall handyman service because they may be worried about the quality of the job that we can provide. With us, you can sleep well knowing that you will be able to literally handpick the types of main components that we are going to be using for any job. You can choose any brand at any price that you would like. With this, you will be able to guarantee the quality that is going to go into the project!

Fix Or Total Renovation

We know it can frustrating to have to replace an entire fixture redo an entire drywall installation for example, over a small dent. Just to come back a little bit to our bathroom example, getting a plumbing fix may be able to solve a lot of your issues, yet a lot of times the people you hire will want to renovate the entire piping system. Since we can handle small, and large projects we will be 100% honest about what we believe your home actually needs!

Giving You The Tools To Make The Decision

Staying on the last topic, we want to make sure that one thing is completely clear. Honesty is a major part of our business. What we want to do is to be able to present to you the different options that we believe are available for you when you need to have any type of area in your home repaired. At the end of the day, you are going to be the one making the call of what you want us to do. Before you make that decision we will make sure to give you all of the pros and cons of each situation. That is a major part of our home repairs services!

We Are There For You Whatever You Need     

It really does not matter to us if you are going to need an interior painting job done, maybe you need some help assembling furniture. The services that we are able to offer are extremely extensive. Our goal is that you will be able to feel confident about picking up the phone and giving us a call regardless of the situation, because you know we can get the job done. We also offer property management services.


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