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Bathroom Remodeling


When you are looking to remodel a bathroom or a kitchen there are tons of little details that you are going to have to account for. That is just a given there is really no way around that. Now, a lot of times what happens is that companies are going to want to overlook certain things and then try and charge you an extra fee if they have to do them later on. For example, you want to put in a new bathtub right? So you have a quote for the new tub, plus the installation. No one told you though that you need to maybe do some light demo work to be able to clear the space that you need to put the tub. Add clean up duties to that and flooring and you are off budget! That is one of the many issues we want to help you avoid!

Creating A Full Plan 

Some people out there may criticize the way that we go about planning our projects. That is because we are going to draw them out literally step by step. If we go back to the example we set on the last paragraph we are going to have to add the fact that we may need to do some plumbing fixes. Before we start though you will have a clear vision of exactly what it is that we are going to do!

Brand Name Products  

Another situation that we are willing to cooperate in, is shopping! We don’t want our clients to feel that they are being limited by what they can find on a catalog. What we can do is help you find that right tub, toilet, or sink through the web and all of the different stores and manufacturers that are out there. So, when it comes down to installing all of these different fixtures you can be sure that you were to pick the one that you actually wanted!

Flooring 101

Whether you tell us, I want an epoxy flooring installation or I just want to waterproof my floors we will be able to help regardless of the choices that you make. That is pretty much kind of the main theme of the entire page and even the site for crying out loud! Providing our clients with all sorts of options to be able to make whatever ideas they may have, a reality is the basis of our business model! It applies to flooring and other types of things that we can install or fix.

Plumbing Fix

If you need a plumbing fix, Columbia is the right place to be because you can call us to get it done for you! In all seriousness though, plenty of bathroom remodeling projects tend to go off budget because people did not account for the different plumbing fixes that they would need. We are committed to finding plumbing solutions, even for those issues that we did not account for that will allow the project to stay on budget.


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